Today Gold rate: Know the latest price of gold and silver today

Today Gold rate: Know the latest price of gold and silver today

Today Gold rate 17 April 2024: If you also want to buy gold, then there is good news for you. The trading week started with a hot start in gold prices. And it has been going on for a long time now when the price of gold (Today Gold rate) is increasing for the fifth consecutive trading days. Gold rose on Monday for the first consecutive trading day since last Thursday. However, bullish streak continued in silver prices.

On the third day of this trading week i.e. Wednesday, gold rose by Rs 740 to Rs 75,480 per 10 grams. While on the previous trading day on Tuesday, the price of gold increased by Rs 1140 per 10 grams to close at Rs 74,740 per 10 grams.

On Wednesday, silver rose by Rs 1,000 to close at Rs 87,000 per kg. Earlier on Tuesday too, silver rose by Rs 500 per kg and closed at Rs 86,000.

Latest 14 to 24 carat gold price (Today Gold rate)
On Wednesday, 24 carat gold closed at Rs 75,480, 22 carat at Rs 68,000, 18 carat at Rs 55,600 and 14 carat at Rs 37,940 per 10 grams. Let us tell you that MCX and international market and gold market rates are without silver tax, so its rates in markets across the country There is a difference.

Gold cheaper than 6000 and silver 7400 all time high
Since then, gold and silver have fallen below their all-time high rates. Currently gold is at its highest price of Rs.3250. 5629 per 10 grams and silver at Rs. It is getting cheaper per kg. Let us tell you that on December 4, 2023, gold and silver recorded the highest rate of inflation. Gold touched Rs 61,646 per 10 grams on the day while silver was trading at Rs 76,464 per kg.

Buy gold only after seeing the hallmark (Today Gold rate)
While buying gold, customers should be aware of its quality. Gold jewelry should be bought only by looking at the hallmark. Hallmark is a government guarantee of gold and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the only agency in India that determines hallmarks. The Hallmarking Scheme operates under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, Rules and Regulations.

Hole marks are given by ISO to identify the purity of gold. 999 for 24 carat, 958 for 23 carat, 916 for 22 carat, 875 for 21 carat and 750 for 18 carat. Most gold is sold in 22 karat, while some people also use 18 karat. The karat is no more than 24 and the higher the karat, the purer the gold is said to be.

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